A beneficial way to dispose of the Sierra’s lost trees

March 19, 2017 by Billy Hamshaw

(Source: Los Angeles Times) When the Forest Service announced its calculation last November that the Sierra Nevada contained 102 million dead trees, it conveyed the immensity of a tragedy that is unprecedented in California’s history. It also challenged planners and innovators to find a beneficial use for at least some of the dead trees. In recent years, a few innovative small companies have developed ways of producing energy from the dead trees in an environmentally sound way. These methods, said Arne Jacobson, director of the Schatz Energy Research center at Humboldt State University, are “not going to completely solve the 100-million-dead-tree problem immediately, but they’re something we should be looking at as part of the solution on a 5- to 20-year time scale.” Read full article…

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