ANALYSIS: ODS offset protocols yield fastest issuance under Climate Action Reserve

August 16, 2013 by California Carbon

Climate Connect News, London: The Ozone Depleting Substances-US protocol yields offsets to the project developers in the shortest time period under the Climate Action Reserve (CAR) when compared to the other protocols eligible to generate ARBOCs for compliance under the California cap-and-trade scheme, results of an analysis by Climate Connect show.

California Protocols Issuance

The Climate Connect research desk undertook a thorough analysis of the time taken between listing of the project and its first issuance for six offset protocols under the CAR. These protocols have been combined to form the current four protocols recognised by the Air Resources Board for compliance efforts under the California cap-and-trade scheme. A total of 85 projects potentially eligible for delivering ARB Offset Credits were analysed.

CAR projects based on the ODS-US protocol have, on an average, been issued offsets within about four and a half months of their listing. If projects based on the ODS-Article 5 Imports are also added to the fray, the average time period between project listing and first issuance is five and a half months.

Projects based on Livestock Gas Capture/Combustion have an average of 21 months between listing and first issuance. The minimum time interval for a project has been just over seven months.

Projects that can be covered under the ARB recognised protocols are registered under the CAR using at least protocols – Avoided Conservation, Improved Forest Management, and Reforestation. For projects using Avoided Conservation protocol the average interval between listing and issuance is about 20 months; for projects based on Improved Forest Management protocol the time interval is just over 21 months; and for projects using reforestation protocol the average interval is about 36 months.

The results of the analysis show that the projects based on ODS and similar protocols yield offsets in the shortest time (five and a half months) from the date of listing of the project while projects based on protocols related to forestry can take as much as 3 years for their first issuance.

Article: Climate Connect Newsdesk

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