California and Québec Cap-and-Trade Auction May 2017

May 9, 2017 by Ronjoy Bezbarua

The eleventh auction for the California and Québec cap-and-trade program will take place on May 16, 2017.

The application period for the auction commenced on March 17, 2017 and will end on April 18, 2017. In order to participate, participants must  be registered under the California Cap-and-Trade Program or Québec Cap-and-Trade System and have a CITSS General Holding Account that has not been revoked or suspended.

The auction, which will be held on the WCI’s auction platform, will offer bids for year 2017 vintage allowances in the current auction and 2020 future vintages on the advance auction.

The number of allowances offered for sale as follows

2017 vintage allowances – 75,311,960


2020 vintage allowances – 9,723,500


Allowances offered in both auctions will sold at a predetermined minimum Auction Reserve Price. The Auction Reserve Price for the Current Auction will be USD 13.57 and the CAD price will be 13.56. The Auction Reserve Price for the Advance Auction will be the same as that of the Current Auction.

For more information on the upcoming auction please see the May 2017 Auction Notice provided by the Air Resources Board (ARB).


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