California approves 4 new carbon offset projects under cap-and-trade scheme

June 6, 2013 by California Carbon

Climate Connect News, 06 June 2013, London: The California Air Resources Board has approved four new early-action carbon offset projects in its latest update of the projects registry. These projects would be able to convert their offsets to compliance instruments under the cap-and-trade. Such converted offsets may also be eligible for use by entities in Quebec once the two jurisdictions formally implement the linkage in 2014.

The four projects include one based on forestry and livestock methodologies each and two based on the methodology related to Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS). The forestry project – Gualala River Forest – is owned by The Conservation Fund and is the developer’s first project to be approved under the early-action scheme. The project, located in California, was registered with the Climate Action Reserve (CAR) in December 2011.

The livestock project – Hidden View Dairy – is owned by Environmental Credit Corp and is the developer’s eighth project to be approved by the ARB. The project involves capture of methane gas from livestock and utilise it to produce electricity. The project, located in Indiana, was registered by the CAR in March 2013. Environmental Credit Corp has so far won approval for two projects based on ODS methodology and six projects based on livestock methodology.

Vitol Inc. owns the two projects based on the ODS methodology. The company now has a total of three projects approved under the early-action scheme, all of which are based on the ODS methodology. Both the projects approved are located in Arkansas and were registered with the CAR in April 2012.

The total number of projects approved under the early-action has now reached 45 with Camco International Group leading all other developers with 11 approved projects. So far, 21 projects based on livestock methodology, 15 projects on ODS methodology and 9 projects on forestry methodology have been approved.

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