California’s 2015 emissions data published by ARB

November 6, 2016 by Harry Horner

(CaliforniaCarbon.info, Nov 06, 2016) California’s Air Resources Board released today the official emissions data for the 2015 compliance year. The total came in at 340,323,495 MMtCO2, this compared to the 2014 total of 342,808,611 MMtCO2, giving an annual decline of 0.72%.

Across all the sectors, emissions from transportation fuel suppliers registered the highest annual increase – 2.3% or 3.6 MMT in absolute terms. Only two other sectors saw an increase in their emissions totals: natural gas suppliers at 1.99%, and oil & gas production at 1.44% per annum. The increase in emissions from these sectors were more than compensated by falling emissions from the cap’s other sectors; most dramatically from importers of electricity – their total fell approximately 10% (3.5 million). Elsewhere, emissions from fossil fuel-based electricity generation declined by 1.7 MMT; refineries and hydrogen plants declined marginally by 3.3%; whereas emissions from cement manufacturers flatlined at the 2014 level.

CaliforniaCarbon.info will be publishing a comprehensive emissions report later next week with far more detailed sectoral analysis, and will also likely be conducting a reviewal webinar in the near future. Stay tuned for updates.

Total Covered Emissions (MtCO2): 340,323,495 (2014: 342,808,611)
Reported Emitters: 805 (2014: 795)
Margin to 2015 CC.info Forecast: 3.8 MMtCO2 (-1.1%)
2015 Allowance Cap: 394.5 MMtCO2 (excl. APCR: 378.7 MMtCO2)

Harry Horner – (harry@californiacarbon.info)

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