Can China’s EVs lead to peak oil demand?

October 1, 2017 by Ronjoy Bezbarua

(Source: Energypost) China’s decision on whether and when to ban cars burning gasoline and diesel could alter our view of how far we are from a peak in global oil demand, writes independent energy analyst Geoffrey Styles. Even though the likely date of such a peak is highly uncertain, the idea of an impending peak could significantly affect investments and other decisions. A few months ago the British government made headlines when it announced it would ban new gasoline and diesel cars, starting in 2040. That move, which apparently excludes hybrid cars, is further fallout from the 2015 Dieselgate emissions-cheating scandal. Now it appears that China is preparing to issue a similar ban. With around 30% of global new-vehicle sales, China could upend the plans and economics of the world’s fuel and automobile industries. However, it is less obvious that this would lead directly to the arrival of “peak demand” for oil, an idea that has largely displaced earlier thoughts of Peak Oil related to supply. Read full article….

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