Cap-and-Trade Market Report, October 2014

November 7, 2014 by Rahul Rana

A monthly review of the California cap-and-trade market

CaliforniaCarbon.info’s monthly cap-and-trade report combines a high-level overview of the latest developments in the state’s carbon and related markets, with detailed analytics on the trade of California carbon allowances and the issuance of ARB offset credits. This issue features a revamped secondary markets analysis section, and contains links to our other publications that explore specific topics in greater depth.October 14 Market Report

 Click here to download Cap-and-Trade Market Report, October 2014


  • Price panel
  • Monthly highlights
  • Secondary market analysis – Instrument-based price comparisons, ICE and OTC trading breakdowns
  • Offsets – ARBOC issuance log, offset counters, leading offset earners
  • Headlines – Energy & Power, Oil & Gas, Transportation, Policy, Corporate Developments, Beyond California
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