Carbon market industry figures predict UK to remain in EU ETS after Brexit

May 19, 2017 by Ronjoy Bezbarua

(Source: Energy Voice) Over 700 carbon market industry figures, ranging from traders, company officials and government officials from several continents gave their views in the Thomson Reuters Survey. The ETS is the world’s largest scheme for trading greenhouse gases, requiring countries across Europe to measure and report their carbon emissions, using one allowance for each tonne released. Companies can trade their allowances, providing an incentive for them to reduce emissions. The results showed that 49% of respondents believe that the UK will remain a member of the scheme after leaving the EU. A number of respondents said that the UK would set up its own ETS, with 21% predicting it would be linked to the EU ETS and 19% predicting it would be fully sovereign. The final 11% in the survey believed that the UK will discontinue emission trading altogether after Brexit. Read full article….

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