Carbon Offset Market Review – September 2021

September 8, 2021 by Ujjwal Gupta

CC.info’s monthly analysis on market trends for both WCI Compliance Offsets and Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) Offsets.

The report contains updated price and issuance trends and uses CC.info’s proprietary pricing database for both the WCI and VCM market. The report also details the key news and regulatory updates affecting offsets. It’s a one-stop-shop for North American offset market stakeholders.

[Inclusion of Canadian Federal Offsets is also upcoming!)



  • Volumes: In the month of August, WCI Compliance Offset saw 1.53 million CCO – 8 credits issued by ARB and 355k credits converted from CCO-8 to CCO-3 pool. Additionally, 2.1M credits were added to the CCO-0 (CCO golden) pool.
  • Price: In the month of August, the average price of CCO-Golden was $15.15. Additionally, the average price of CCO-3 and CCO-8 was $14.44 and $14.21 respectively.


  • Volumes: In the month of August, 31.1M voluntary offsets credits were issued, and 11.9M credits were retired.
  • Price: North American Forest offsets generate a premium of more than $4, likely due to buyer preference, and marketability of ‘local’ credits for US companies.

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