China’s solar power space project spotlights need to reimagine our energy systems

March 12, 2019 by maitreyi.karthik@climate-connect.com

(Source: UN Environment) According to media reports, China plans to have a solar power station orbiting the earth at 36,000 km, allowing it to tap the energy of the sun’s rays without interference from the atmosphere or loss of sunlight. Theoretically, the station could deliver power 99 per cent of the time at six times the intensity of solar farms on earth. The electricity would be transmitted to earth using a microwave or laser beam.

Xie Gengxin, deputy head of the Chongqing Collaborative Innovation Research Institute for Civil-Military Integration, said the construction of the testing facility would take one to two years and once it began operations, scientists and engineers would build tethered balloons equipped with solar panels and use them to verify microwave transmission technologies. Read full article….

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