Fujian multi forestry carbon sequestration project to complete the transaction

September 20, 2017 Created By: CaliforniaCarbon.info

(Source: Fujian Forestry) According to the micro-public letter "Fujian Forestry" released on June 20th 2017, Jianyang District, Shunchang County, Youxi County, Yangkou Forest Farm, Kim Sung Corporation and other 2017 first five FFCER forestry carbon sequestration project passed the expert review. The total area of ​​the project is 33 million mu, and the first phase of the carbon sink is 920,000 tons, which can be traded after the issuance of the deposit. As of August 15, Fujian Province has generated seven forestry carbon sequestration projects, the total area of ​​46 million mu, a carbon sinks of 1.18 million tons (CO2e), 261,000 tons of transactions, the transaction amount of 4.881 million yuan. Other forestry carbon trading pilots that have been officially launched, are being implemented Read full post...