We have partnerships with several of the leading brokerage firms and/or exchanges active in the California offset and allowance secondary markets, through which we gain the data required for publishing accurate market price assessment. In return, participating firms gain complimentary access to selected pricing-related features of our product. To know more, please email contact@californiacarbon.info.

The pricing data which is presented in our price center, and across our various reports, is calculated according to the methodology laid out below.

Methodology for Calculation of OTC CCA, CCO, and CRT Prices:

  1. Calculate the median of the ‘Bid’ and the ‘Ask’ prices for each broker reporting prices for selected instrument/contract
  2. Calculate the average between the bid-ask medians

CaliforniaCarbon.info thanks all its partner brokers for providing primary pricing data. Please email contact@californiacarbon.info or call us at +1 415 349 5777 for more details.