Voluntary Carbon Offsets: A Trading Guide for an Opaque Market

The Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) is often described as a highly opaque market, in which the same offset can generate vastly different prices between different retailers. When price quotes are wildly variable for similar projects, buyers are more likely to view the market as immature and question its place as a steppingstone in the global environmental transition, thus potentially stunting market growth. If the VCM is to take a more central role in climate mitigation strategy, trust needs to be built in the market.

This is where the Voluntary Offset Price Window (VOPW) and this Buyer’s Guide for Voluntary Offsets comes in to redress this balance in providing insight and transparency into this challenging and complex marketplace. have partnered with the most responsible and forward-thinking intermediaries with the joint aim of providing this visibility to the market. The conclusions drawn in this data-intensive report are based on’s VO Price Window database that was compiled with our partners. The VO Price Window is built on real-world transaction data and allows users to investigate offset market trends in a specific and granular manner – zooming in on the exact submarkets that concern their business.

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