Carbon Capture Use and Storage in WCI Markets

Many believe Carbon Capture Use and Storage (CCUS) will play a huge role in reducing global carbon emissions, but there have long been question marks concerning its financial viability. This report analyses why California may prove to be one of the first locales to see wide-scale CCUS deployment, namely because of the three different incentive programmes available for CCUS in California: the LCFS, Cap-and-Trade, and the 45 Q tax credit. On this basis, posits a triple incentive for investment, and so argues that viability is not reliant on any one of the incentive programmes.

The report evaluates a number of different sectors: including refineries, oil and gas production, natural gas Combined Cycle plants, cement, fertilizer, natural gas processing and biomass to ethanol. The report evaluates which sectors will be viable, and crucially, over which time periods do the rising financial incentives of CCUS cross through its falling deployment costs.

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