It’s not easy being green: California strips HOV rights from clean-air cars

September 20, 2018 by Abhay Sharma

(Source: Digital Trends) More than 200,000 environmentally-conscious California drivers are ticked off. Many early adopter low emission vehicle (LEV) and zero emission vehicle (ZEV) drivers in California will lose their right to use highway carpool lanes as of January 1, 2019, the L.A.Times reports. An “Access OK – Clean Air Vehicle” decal that allows solo drivers to travel in less crowded High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes otherwise restricted to vehicles with multiple passengers is one of the greatest perks for buying LEVs and ZEVs in California. The Golden State provides generous financial benefits to clean ride buyers, but faster transport on the state’s infamously traffic-clogged highways has a greater appeal than rebates or credits for many. The LA Times cited a UCLA study that “found the ability to drive alone in a carpool lane or a toll lane is the ‘single biggest incentive’ for Californians to buy a zero-emission vehicle if they live within 10 miles of such a lane.” Read full article…

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