‘Make Earth great again’: Trump Forest initiative reaches one million trees pledged in under a year

February 22, 2018 by CaliforniaCarbon.info

(Source:Brinkwire) One million trees have been pledged to Trump Forest in an attempt to “soak up the extra greenhouse gases” the US president “plans to put into our atmosphere” with decisions made about climate change laws by the White House in the past year.Since the global Trump Forest initiative was launched just under one year ago, 1,055,838 trees have been pledged by 3,352 people and $139,588.10 has been invested in the idea, which aims to see one billion trees planted by people across the world in Trump’s name.In December, Trump’s administration decided it would no longer consider climate change a national security threat as the latest National Security Strategy (NSS) report largely ignored the issue. This is despite studies suggesting large parts of several US states, including New York, Florida and California, could be threatened by rising ocean waters. Read full article…

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