Upcoming Webinar: Clean Freight in California: Regulatory Landscape and Market Outlook

July 13, 2021 by Aishwarya Verma

Date: 04th August 2021

Time: 10 am Pacific Time (USA and Canada)

This webinar is free for all.

Achieving California’s emission goals will require reductions through advanced clean technology and increased penetration of zero-emission heavy-duty vehicles. While diesel and gasoline vehicles have dominated the medium- and heavy-duty sectors for decades, it is increasingly becoming more difficult to operate at a competitive advantage without implementing some combination of efficiency measures, clean fuels or energy, and clean vehicles. Clean Freights are no longer just an alternative choice, many clean vehicle technologies and fuels are proving they provide positive business results and emission benefits. The progress in this segment will depend on how quickly the fleets learn the technology and adopt it in the sectors where operational needs best fit.

The webinar provides a broad understanding of the proposed and existing rules and mandates such as Advanced Clean Truck, Advance Clean Fleet, Zero Emission Vehicle Fleet, and WAIRE program, and their expected impact on the future of sustainable fleets.

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