Upcoming Webinar: Global Offset Output – VCM 2030 Supply Scenarios

June 8, 2022 by Sahil Bajaj

Date: Thursday, 21st July 2022

Time: 10 am Pacific Time (USA and Canada)

This webinar is free for all.

This webinar is our first step towards what the carbon market has been calling out for: a Voluntary Carbon Market Forecast. In this webinar we breakdown the current and potential sources of supply of offsets, and understand what the supply-side might look through to 2030.
Voluntary offsets are a rapid-growth, multi-product, globally sourced, “semi-“commodity market, with an emergent and diverse collection of developers, intermediaries and end-buyers. The market’s future rules have still not been fully defined, and swathes of what came before (certain renewable projects) may well be softly regulated out of the market.
In sum, we are running across fresh ground at breakneck pace. When hurtling across such a rapidly changing landscape, it’s more challenging to forecast what will come ahead, but a forecast is also that much more valuable for the same reasons. This webinar will offer CC.info’s “forecast-in-development”,

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